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Our social platforms focus on brand advocacy and current news topics within the Australian hemp and sustainability industries. Our news topics include the work of industry experts, scientists, nutritionists and sustainability activists to create a trusted educational environment for our audiences. Our wealth of industry knowledge has given us the ability to offer agency services to our client partners to deliver real results.


Tegan’s journey within the Australian hemp industry commenced in 2014 which subsequently lead her to the creation of High on Hemp. It was her passion and desire to play a key role within the industry to educate those living within Australia on the insights and knowledge she has gained from her extensive global travels and networks.

Founder's Statement

"We’re going to explore the hemp plant, its array of benefits and most importantly the brands pioneering the industry. I believe there is nothing more liberating than investing your money into a brand that is environmentally future focused. It is now the time for sustainable thinking. The change starts with the producers, the businesses and a mindset shift in the purchasing behaviours of consumers. My mission is to educate, inspire and redefine what it means to live green."

Tegan Scates